Clear's Air Grand Touring EV conveys extravagant speed and reach

We were dazzled with the Lucid Air Dream Edition recently, despite the fact that it was only a pre-creation vehicle. Indeed, the automaker gave time in the driver's seat of its most recent best in class Grand Touring Performance model with every one of the appropriate bits of equipment and programming all set. This is a Lucid you can really purchase — albeit the beginning cost is $179,000. We need to say, it's better compared to expected.

The Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance follow through on the Lucid guarantee to take on the German game vehicles in an all-EV bundle. The newish automaker was so certain about the 1,050 pull Performance trim level that it took it to the Goodwood Festival slope climb and was successful in the creation vehicle classification. The customary $154,000 Grand Touring model is a touch more slow — it endures 3 seconds to shot 60MPH, as opposed to 2.6 in the Performance — yet you'll get one more 70 miles of reach (516 aggregate, contrasted with the Performance's 446).

Which is all to say, the Lucid Air GT models are something beyond quick electric vehicles. Look at the video beneath for the full story.


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